Lost … in Past

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Have you ever felt so lost of someone you love so much? Friends for example. someone who gives us many stories and stories that will not be forgotten, whether it be a feeling of joy or sadness when stepping up to achieve a dream. but as time passes, fate wants another by eliminating the figure. fading his shadow to his name just an ornament Piece of sentences in the memories section. not the thing we want, nor the thing that can be guessed about this feeling of loss, let time take all its so to be called THE PAST
Sometimes the image appears in daydreams. it feels like yesterday saw the hall highlight accompany the rising sun with lots of uniqueness created. stepping foot along with hundreds of cheers did not seem to erode happiness at that time, even the sun was jealous to see a beautiful friendship
But now it’s all gone without a trace, there may be a moment where it accompanies you learn about the first love that will never forgotten. So why are you here just to introduce the meaning of a wound of friendship? introduce the meaning of knowing how the opposite love at the same time first love? introduce the meaning of sincerity in silence? why introduce the deepest heart and finally leave and leave?
We walk like we have no Past, struggling like singing a dreamer with friends new faces and of course … new friends. will relax when we look back the direction, the shadow of old friends like dew in the morning that is still very ringing in the heart, hope you come now
We have not engaged in conversations over the years. that’s not what I was expecting! sometimes want to feel like I want to take care of you. I’m too scared if I’m wrong to expect you to look at me again, and surely I will not blame fate in this
I do not know your exact existence, how are you guys. Hope it’s fun. you are someone I can not express in the meaning of long explanation, accompany me to introduce what the meaning of first love, to introduce how it feels the meaning of friends, comfort me when my feelings drown. 6 years passed doesnt mean i forget it, I miss .. now


Beautiful Heart


Have you ever thought … that everyone has a conscience? If a question arises in your mind, I would say that your mind is right, and not imaginary. Stored in the recesses of the soul that will not be seen by the circumstances or the environment as we want to see. The conscience is when the Brain and feelings collide into one in unspeakable logic